Inventory Management

Inventory Management

If you’re in the wholesale, distribution or manufacturing business, it’s necessary to keep a cat’s eye on your daily inventories. Especially companies that have multiple stocking and warehousing centers, need to stay on the top of their inventory management at all times.

With the rising popularity of E-Commerce, managing inventories in-house can become an uphill task quickly. Catalogues can span up to millions of products, and maintaining daily transactions with no scope of error can take a heavy toll on your core team.

Keep Payroll offers you a reliable and cost-friendly way of outsourcing inventory management to a team of experts who’d make your in-house operations smooth as silk.

We cater to inventory accounting, with industry leading digital tools that readily integrate with your legacy systems and allow us to offer you the productivity leap you were looking for!

What does Inventory Management Service include?

Our Inventory Management services include an exhaustive list of services that any modern fulfilment company would want. With our professional approach to your smart inventory needs, you’ll be able to manage your processes with great precision.

  • Inventory and cost of goods sold process management and synchronization.
  • Document tracking and organization.
  • Basic monthly cost of goods sold reporting (income statement).
  • Customized cost of goods sold summary report.
  • Truing up balance sheet accounts based on actual inventory valuations.
  • Keeping product cost catalog up-to-date.

Why Choose Keep Payroll for outsourcing your Inventory Management?

Keep Payroll offers businesses a reliable and cost-effective method of managing their inventory and bringing down associated costs without compromising on management quality.

With our successful inventory outsourcing model, we are able to support upcoming businesses and large organizations manage their inventory without having to hire a separate department for it. Keep Payroll manages your inventory with the same agility and passion that a tenured employee would backed by industry experts.

Start discussing your inventory management needs with us and start reducing the overall process costs in a single step. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our team members, so that we can plan out the best inventory outsourcing strategy for you.

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