Historical Book Cleanup

Historical Book Cleanup

Maintaining a clean accounting history and organizing your accounts as per given accounting standards of the State is a necessity for every registered business in New York.

But hiring an accounting firm or a top CPA from an upstreet office in NYC can become difficult for young businesses and MSMEs. Hence, Keep Payroll provides accounting outsourcing services that help you with Historical Book Cleanup with a team of experts that come at affordable prices and precision.

Book Cleanup requires a deep dive into your financial and business histories, software logs and bank accounts for reconciliation of errors.

It’s a long and laborious process that can often take a toll on employee productivity if done in-house. To avoid business constraints, companies are readily outsourcing their HBC tasks to Keep Payroll, in New York.

What does Our Historical Book Cleanup Service include?

Historical Book Cleanup tasks usually vary for every organization depending upon the volume of records and depth of cleanup required. In order to sufficiently meet your cleanup needs, we offer the following services;

  • Clearing backlog of un-posted historic transactions.
  • Correction of existing miscoded GL entries such as expenses booked in asset accounts, wrongly booked income etc.
  • Clean-up of chart of accounts through removal of duplicate and unused accounts and systematic structuring of accounts.
  • Adjustments of already posted entries according to accounting standards.
  • Reconciling historic accounts with bank, credit card, merchant account, mortgage, line of credit, vendor and customer statements.

Why Choose Keep Payroll for outsourcing your Reporting Analysis?

Keep Payroll provides value generation with the help of cost-effective accounting and access to prime accounting talent. We have been aiding businesses and establishments, in producing clean accounting records without the need of spending thousands of dollars. Rather, we are able to control costs using our highly-efficient outsourcing model.

Moving forward, we also prevent your business from overpaying taxes and penalties that are often associated with unmaintained records. Each year, hundreds of businesses incur lose value in tax penalties that are readily avoidable.

With Keep Payroll Historical Clean-up services, you’ll be able to take charge of your financial records, and draft data-backed decisions. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and leverage our business advantage just like 50+ firms in New York that work with us!

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