Firm Registration

Firm Registration

Ready to register your firm in New York City? Get all the documentation, legal and financial guidance from the key outsourcing provider helping more than 50 businesses each fiscal year. Keep Payroll is one of the most reliable agencies in New York to get your incorporation needs fulfilled from a team of qualified experts.

Registering a Firm or Business in New York gives you a number of advantages such as Tax breaks, fundraising options and a horde of business benefits that you should be aware of. Keep Payroll understands your business model and guides you accordingly to form the right company structure as per your business goals.

Establishing your business the right away will help you avoid hassles later, and keep your expansion strategies synced. See how we can help you cater to the entire Registration Process easily.

What does Our Firm Registration Service include?

At Keep Payroll, we are an established accountancy firm that understands the varying needs of modern businesses. Each year thousands of new businesses are registered in New York, and Keep Payroll helps them choose the right track right from the beginning. We assist in registration of;

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • S Corporation (S corp)
  • C Corporation (C corp)
  • Not-for-profit corporation
  • Foreign corporation

Why Choose Keep Payroll for outsourcing your Firm Registration Needs?

Whether you want to establish an LLC, or Private Limited Company, it’s important to understand the basics on which the companies are formed. We at Keep Payroll allow you to make the best strategic decision that will allow your business goals to be fulfilled.

We furnish the documentation, filing of papers with the State Department, and fulfill the legal formalities as required from your side. All of this is done in conjugation with your attorneys, so that your expectations with the registration process are properly aligned.

Get in touch with Keep Payroll to quickly get started with the registration process. We are helping new businesses register as per their business needs with cost advantages. Explore your options by discussing your needs.

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