Employee Payroll

Employee Payroll

According to Deloitte, 69% respondents in their Payroll survey were highly satisfied with Payroll Outsourcing services employed for their business organizations. There’s a growing trend of outsourcing payroll because of the cost, time and automation benefits offered by Payroll outsourcing.

You can too reduce the overheads associated with Payroll management and facilitation at your business, with Keep Payroll. We offer value generation by outsourcing your key payroll activities while you leverage your resources for your core competencies.

At Keep Payroll, we automate, off-load and reconfigure your payroll so that everyone gets paid on time, and with 100% accuracy. Managing payroll hasn’t been easier in New York, when you’ve partnered with Keep Payroll for your employees.

What does Our Employee Payroll Service include?

You would want your payroll management partner to take care of the entire process end-to-end. Therefore, our payroll service offerings cover most aspects of the payroll process as mentioned below;

  • Accurate and real time payroll reporting as per you business demands.
  • Direct deposit services for all your employees, enabling paperless way of payments.
  • Support for wage garnishment for your employees with an automated system for disbursals.
  • 1099 reporting is built into our payroll services for your employees.
  • Your entire payroll is backed by world-class data security standards for complete privacy.

Why Choose Keep Payroll for outsourcing your Employee Payroll?

Organizations in and outside NY are getting highly competitive at what they do while also catering to their employee benefits proactively. To ensure highest level service quality, they’re shifting their focus to core activities, while outsourcing peripheral tasks such as payroll to dedicated teams.

Keep Payroll is one such financial expert who understands your payroll requirements and offers you stability, ease of fulfilment and reliability for all your employees. You can save important business hours at servicing your customers, while we manage payroll at the backend.

Improved business focus, and payroll automation is what your business needs. Let Keep Payroll’s expert manage it for you as you spend your time building your growth plan!

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