About Us

Our Company

Keep Payroll is a new generation, internet based, outsourced processing company focused on providing Accounting and Bookkeeping services. We are a team of experienced accounting professionals, serving clients for more than 10 years ensuring exceptional client satisfaction and client retention. Founded on the principal that every company should have the opportunity to unleash the Potential of Business through Outsourcing, we bring the power of outsourcing to small and medium businesses.

Our Background

Our roots lie in the managed and call center services industries. Having built or contributed to various international outsourcing services organizations themselves, our management team set out to create a company that was Easy to work with; had Effective solutions to important problems; and an Exemplary service ethic. The result was Keep Payroll.

Our Approach

Recognizing that many companies associate the concept of outsourcing with “off shoring jobs to a foreign destination in order to cut down on cost,” we take a “new generation” and “client centric” approach to developing and promoting our offerings. We recognize that in order to incorporate outsourcing as a key business strategy, companies must overcome typical outsourcing barriers such as lack of knowledge, heavy upfront investments, long and complex sales cycles, inability to experience relatively quick benefits and more. Our Service provides clients with the ability to outsource depending on their comfort levels and objectives.

Our Vision

To provide online outsourcing to businesses everywhere.

Keep Payroll deploys the simplest of processes, top of the line technology and the best in class professionals to make its vision a reality.

Our Mission

To make online outsourcing reliable, dependable, accessible, understandable, valuable, affordable, marketable and profitable We strive to make outsourcing simple for our users and believe that after gaining sufficient expertise in your business process we will re-engineer your process to make it simpler and easy

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