Services Offered

Our Bookkeeping and Accounting Services are focused at reducing costs of our clients without any compromise on the quality.

Benefits Of Our Services
  •  Gain an experienced, PROFESSIONAL TEAM from day one
  •  AVOID CAPITAL INVESTMENT in hardware, maintenance and support
  •  FREE THE EXECUTIVE TEAM to focus on the company’s mission and opportunities
  •  GAIN THE FLEXIBILITY to size your financial structure to your business’s growth
  •  MINIMIZE REQUIREMENTS in finance department staffing
  •  Ensure complete ACCURATE REPORTING
How would we set this up and get started?
  • Initial phone call to discuss the transition of work
  • We would work with your team to understand your current process
  • Create a document with details of all your requirements
  • Get it approved by you and then start the work
  • You will see a smooth transition of work with no disruption
How do we ensure your data protection?

Data confidentiality and protection is very critical to your/our business. We take it very seriously and use every possible measure ensure your data is with reliable and safe hands. Here are some of the ways how we protect your data

Physical security
  • 24/7 security personnel to guard our offices
  • Access control system: finger print readers
  • CCTV camera surveillance on all work floors
I.T. and network security
  • Data protected by multiple layers of security device
  • Latest versions of anti-virus & spyware used
  • No removable drives in the operations floor
Industries Served

Web Development

Trading & Services

Salon / Beauty Products


Property Management

Trading Business

Software Development

IT Asset Management

Paints & Hardware

Real Estate & Rental

Interior Decorator Services

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